Repairs - Restorations


Rino Righele specializes in repairs and restorations of all types of bowed instruments. 

With great care and experience even extensive damage is repaired with excellent results. 

Restoring older instruments to their original tone and in all cases actually exceeding it, is a trademark of Righele craftsmanship. 

Violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows of every type and quality are carefully repaired and serviced in the workshop.

Student Instruments, Services & Accessories, from the beginner to the accomplished professional, there is a wide variety of instruments, ranging from new to over a hundred years old available in the Righele Showroom. 

Accessories such as chin rests, rosin, strings, and student violin outfits from 1/16th - full size are on sale at great prices. 

Rino Righele’s vast knowledge allows him to offer estimates and appraisals on all types of bowed instruments.

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